Q: What causes acne?

A: Acne develops when either too much oil is produced by your follicles, dead skin cells accumulate in your pores or bacteria build up in your pores. Acne is most common in young adults with increasing hormone levels, and about 80 percent of people will have at least one outbreak before turning 30. It is less common in older adults, who tend to have steadier hormone levels. 

Q: How can one avoid wrinkles?

A: You should not worry too much about wrinkles as they are a natural result of aging, but what you can do is delay their onset or minimise their appearance. A few things to do: limit sun exposure wherever possible, wear sunscreen every day, and use skin products which contain antioxidants and retinoids – these can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: At what age should one start anti-aging treatments?

A: When it comes to anti-aging products, especially those that contain antioxidants, it is generally advisable to start in your early 20s. Taking preventative steps in your 20s will keep your skin looking younger over time.

Q: I have dark skin, should I use sunscreen?

First things first: darker skin does tend to produce more melanin, but that only protects you up to a certain point. Dark skin does get sunburnt and can develop skin cancer. A good UV sunscreen is always advisable for all skin types.

Q: Do I really need to wear sunscreen every day?

A: A big, resounding YES! Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 is the one thing you can do to protect your skin the most. Sunscreen helps decrease the risk of skin cancer and other negative effects that come with sun exposure such as wrinkles, fine lines and sallowness.