Welcome to #Tribe1000


Introducing Tribe 1000

The Eyam Skincare & Wellness Team are proud to introduce you to the brand’s latest campaign: #Tribe1000.

At the beginning of 2022, I set the ambitious goal of ending the year off having moved into a physical location which will extend the brand’s product and service offerings. To achieve this goal, Eyam Skincare & Wellness is launching two stunning new products to its existing line – a hyaluronic acid serum and a face polish. Read more about the new products in the product descriptions section!

The target for this campaign is to sell 1000 products within the space of three months i.e. May – July 2022 and put 5 new full-time jobs in the economy through the launching of an exclusive Eyam Skincare & Wellness physical location. Reaching this goal will mean the raising of the capital necessary to bring this vision to life and it is for this reason we invite your partnership in this ambitious mission.

In planning for the next phase of growth for the business, we believed that creating value and extending our hand out to you our partners for support was the best way to stretch ourselves toward the next big thing for us. We are confident that we are edging closer and closer to becoming a formidable competitor in the skincare market and we hope to share our burning ambition with you.

You, our community of customers have been amazing to us – we have enjoyed your support and love through a global pandemic and a full rebrand! #Tribe1000 signifies a big milestone in Eyam’s growth journey. The brand is further taking a bold stance towards cementing a position in the market as a leader in ethical, sustainable skincare and for that reason, we have also taken the decision to retire our personal care range. The range’s packaging was 95% PET plastic and our brand is evolving in such a way that that stopped aligning with our ambitions as a responsible corporate citizen. Eyam Skincare & Wellness is taking the pledge for sustainable packaging, beginning with transitioning all our products away from unsustainable sources to more earth-friendly packaging. All of our products will now come in glass bottling and we are exploring better, more biodegradable packaging for future launches.

A feature we are excited about developing and engineering for the physical location is a refill station. With your support for #Tribe1000, the new physical location will be designed such that all of our clients will be able to walk in and either purchase new products for themselves or bring in their empty product bottles for a refill. This will result in savings for our clients and a more sustainable, responsible operation for us.

We couldn’t be prouder to invite you to partner with us once more in achieving the next milestone for our tiny, tiny business. We hope you enjoy all that we have cooked up for you and we further hope to see your name when we count all of our esteemed members of #Tribe1000